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April 10 

Thousands visit Jerusalem for the Passover weekend, where a Roman Governor, Pilate, will proclaim a Jewish Jesus is King, in three languages! Why?
Explore the Gospel of John chapter 19, in this episode 19 of the 3rd season of ‘Working the Word’, with Ken Bird and Annali Bird.


March 27 

How is the youthful St John familiar with the powerful High Priest Annas? Why do some Eastern Churches still believe Pilate later became a Christian?
Explore the fascinating story of the betrayal, arrest, trial and sentencing of Jesus of Nazareth with Ken and Annali Bird in this Episode 18 of ‘Working The Word’.

March 20
Jesus knows He will die in a few hours. What will his last words be? What will he tell his disciples?
Find out what Jesus said, as Disciple John recalls in chapters 15-16 of his Gospel, with Ken Bird and Annali Bird, in this Episode 16 of ‘Exploring the Word’.


March 13 

Explore St. John’s record of how Jesus prayed for you.
Join Ken Bird and Annali Bird in this episode seventeen, of the third season of Working The Word. First, Jesus prays for the twelve disciples, and then for every follow of Jesus through the ages since.


February 27

Who is Jesus? In a single last-supper evening He is a servant to His disciples. He sees into their future, predicting one will betray him, and one deny him. Jesus can see arguments that will begin among his disciples: “Is it Peter?”, “No! it’s Judas”, “What about John?”. So Jesus tells them not to worry about the future, instead “love one another”.

This is Episode 15 in Working the Word: The Gospel of John Chapters 13-14.

Join Ken Bird and Annali Bird as they explore the stories that the disciple John tells about Jesus 2,000 years ago.


February 20

Jesus raises Jewish hopes as he rides into Jerusalem as King. Then he tells everyone he will die. Why?
Join Ken and Annali Bird in this weeks episode 14 of “Working the Word”, exploring the Gospel of John.


February 13

Lazarus is dead 4 days. Jesus brings him back to life! Religious leaders try to kill Jesus. Why?

This is episode 13 of the Gospel of St John series with Ken Bird and Annali Bird, exploring John chapter eleven.


February 6

Can you trust Jesus? Is he a corrupt, swindling deceiver whose purpose is to use people in order to increase his own power, wealth and prestige? Jesus said “I am a good shepherd, and the true gateway to God. You will know this because like a best shepherd for his flock of sheep, I will die for you, because I love you”. Jesus went to the Temple, and the people picked up stones to kill him. They yelled at him; “You cannot claim to be God – you are just a man!” Jesus replies “Why don’t you check out all the miraculous things I do that no man has ever done. That’s enough evidence.” Many who were listening ended up believing Jesus’ claim, that He was God.
This is episode 12 of the Gospel of St John series with Ken Bird and Annali Bird, exploring John chapter ten.


January 23 – Jesus heals a blind man. Religious bigots kick the man out of church. They accuse Jesus of being a sinner! Why?

Get your a bible, find chapter nine of the Gospel of John, and join Ken and Annali in this weeks Bible Study exploring what Jesus said and did after He gives new sight to a blind man.


January 16 -Religious bigots throw an adulterous woman at Jesus’ feet. Will he shame her or expose her partner? Jesus touches the dusty Jerusalem street with his finger, writes something, and the bigots disappear. We are all human, and none of us are holier than any other. More religious leaders appear to argue with Jesus, “Who are you?”. They demand an answer. Jesus will respond “I was alive before Abraham was born, and my Father is God”. Explore the stories about Jesus told by St John 2,000 years ago. Ken and Annali will take you on a journey from the dusty streets of Jerusalem to the Home of God, Author of the Universe.


January 9 – ‘They’ want to kill Jesus in Jerusalem? Corrupt leaders want to protect wealth and power, so they send the Temple Soldiers to arrest Jesus. Why does Jesus upset the authorities so much?  Join Ken and Annali  in this Episode 9 of their series exploring the Gospel of John.

January 2 – Would you believe a supernatural miracle if you saw one? Jesus multiplies five small loaves and two fish into enough food for a crowd of thousands. They eat the food produced from thin air. And then Jesus makes a claim almost beyond belief. Jesus startles the crowd proclaiming that he, Jesus, is the source of life for all humanity.  Join Ken and Annali and explore the claims of Jesus reported by St John in chapter 6 of his gospel, found in the Holy Bible.


December 12 – Annali and Ken continue their series on the Gospel of John

This is part 7 covering John 4:43 – 5:47


December 5 – Annali and Ken continue their series on the Gospel of John
This is part 6 covering John 4
Be born again? What did Jesus mean?

November 28 – Annali and Ken continue their series on the Gospel of John
This is part 5 covering John 3
Be born again? What did Jesus mean?

November 21 – Annali and Ken continue their series on the Gospel of John
This is part 4 covering John 2
Why did John begin his book with a chapter about a wedding? Why did Jesus begin his ministry with a wedding? Do we know who got married? Why did the wine run out? We can tell you how much water turned into wine (it was a lot!).  Annali’s fascinating report of 1st century Jewish wedding customs helps you see themes across the whole book of The Gospel of John. And then Jesus leaves Cana and walks 160 kilometres south!
He walks into the Court of the Gentiles, in Jerusalem Temple. Here, foreigners, the disabled and poor struggle to worship God, as they are not allowed into he inner courts. Jesus throws over the money-exchanges and drives corrupt merchants away. Now all can worship in peace at Gentile court, just as they can in the Jewish sections.

November 14 -In this week’s on-line study, Ken and Annali explore John’s answer to “Who are you / who is Jesus?” in the first chapter of his gospel. They explore John’s report, that, “From beyond time & space Jesus is The Word, Eternal God, Creator, Life, The Light, Son of God, King of Israel, Human (Flesh), Son of Man, Grace, Truth, Only Begotten God, The Promised One, The Messiah-Christ and the Lamb of God!”

How Jesus took away the Sin of the Whole World. Not the sins, plural, but ‘the sin’ — all of it, the whole problematic mess from the our entire  planet.


November 7 – Annali and Ken are beginning a new series on the Gospel of John
This is part 2 covering John 1:1-18

October 31
Bible Study
Annali and Ken are beginning a new series on the Gospel of John

  DOWNLOADS for this series

Printable copy of John’s Gospel in the Berean Literal Bible Download
Watch John’s Gospel in the Visual Bible
Listen to John’s Gospel

September 26
Bible Study
Imagine if you could be better off! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive goodness beyond your wildest dreams? Imagine being lifted up over those heavy doldrums, and feeling light and alive again? Is it truly possible to feel happier, filled with joy and genuine gladness? Wouldn’t that be a blessing! Ken and Annali explain how you can be blessed and a blessing to others. Join them in this exploration of what the Bible and Jesus mean when they use the word “blessing”.

September 19
Bible Study
The “now” and the “not yet”

September 12
Bible Study
What is the story of your life?
Can you easily find God’s fingerprints in the story of your life? Even the most famous and holy people in the Bible told stories about their lives with ups, downs and plot twists and turns as complex as any in the modern world. If God invited you to be guest on a “This Is Your Life” TV episode, where He is the Host — would you show up? How does God think about your life history? Join Ken and Annali as they explore some ups and downs in the Bible stories of its holiest and most famous people. You will find hope for your life and confidence to face your tomorrows with God.

September 5

Bible Study

Ken and Annali explore the New Testament writings to discover why it was that the Early Christians focused so much attention on the person of Jesus. Is Jesus still relevant for daily life in Australia 2,000 years later, today? The answer may surprise you.

In this weeks Bible study Ken and Annali made reference to a book on the life of Christ called the Desire of Ages”. Here are links to read it online in:

The original edition

An easy reading edition


August 29 links :

Bible Study

Join Ken and Annali Bird as they explore how a Biblical sense of “fellowship” and “community” could give deeper purpose and meaning to ordinary lives.

What is the real meaning of the Greek word “koinonia”. Is it just a church term for Holy Communion, only making community “in church”, or, does God want His people to influence their world? How?


August 22 links :


“The Devil went down to Georgia” the Charlie Daniels country band sings, but what happens when he comes to church? St John sees a falling star crash into the Christianity and he calls it Wormwood, or “Bitterness”. Discover what St John sees in his Trumpets Vision as the third trumpet blows. Of course the devil will lose the battle — but the loss is great on God’s side also — St John sees him neutralising one third of God’s forces. It didn’t take long after the last apostle died, before pagan beliefs would knock on the door of the early church, and those first Christians would forget God’s instructions. It would take centuries for the bitter harvest from this first waltz with the devil – but the result has been a loss of faith in modern, secular times. See how God wins the battle, with Pastors James and Ken of West-Blue-Mountains Parish in Australia.

Bible Study

Can you imagine that the God of the Universe is compassionate? Jesus not only showed humans the value of compassion, his life demonstrates that God Himself is compassionate.

Join Ken and Annali from West-Blue-Mountains Parish in this weeks episode of ‘Working the Word’ and explore how the Bible writers used the word “compassion” to show us what God is really like.


August 15 links :


They call them the Cedars of God – the last remaining cedars of Lebanon. Used by the Biblical Nimrod to build the first Babylon, then King Solomon to line the walls of Jerusalem’s Temple of God.

They were terrible events last week in Lebanon, as a massive ammonia-nitrate store explodes in a factory explosion and wipes out a Beirut city suburb. But there is still beauty and great spiritual hope to be found in Lebanon.

Journey with pastors James and Ken back to Beirut and then up to to the fabled Cedars of Lebanon. Could it be that one of the trees dates way back to before King Solomon’s time? And what is the Tree of Life? Hear Cybèle Coutet Craig sing George Beverly Shea’s hymn – The Wonder of It All.

Discover how does God define a successful life. You will explore Psalm 92. It was written and sung especially for and on the Sabbath Days. Why does God compare a righteous person to a Cedar of Lebanon? And be enthralled and wonder – how that God loves you, and God loves me.

Bible Study

What is truth? Is it a cold hard fact, a feeling or something precious to be cherished? Can Christians talk about their belief in God and a Messiah Jesus without bashing their truth into their friends? Should an enemy be converted with a metaphorical sword? When ‘should’ one talk about their faith?

Explore the Bible with Ken and Annali and discover what is truth, and how God says it could best be shared. What you find out may surprise you, and help ease the pains of differences with ones you love the most.


August 8 links :

Bible Study

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit? How should you use your talents and gifts? God can grant you every perfect gift, suited for your personality, life stage and purpose.

Join Ken and Annali to explore what the gifts of the Holy Spirit are all about, and how you can best use your natural or super-natural talents and gifts for God


August 1 links :

1450 BC. Slaves escape from Egypt to form the nation of Israel. With no #MeToo movement, God needs to advise this new nation direct, to live a holy life.

So, is the Biblical word “Holy” just for church people? What would God say to our #MeToo world? “Be Holy”! What does this mean?

You need to see this presentation. God forgives and is merciful, God also wants to lift you up to a holier standard. James said, “If folks lived holy lives, they may not all be in church, but there’d sure be a lot more happiness all around.”

So join James and Ken in this fascinating exploration with an important point. What does it mean to “Be Holy.”?

Bible Study
Join Ken and Annali as they explore the Holy Spirit and His fruit in the life of a Christian


July 25 links :

Bible Study
Join Ken and Annali as they explore the place of prayer in the life of a Christian


July 18 links :

700 BC: Prophet Isaiah predicts Iraqi soldiers will destroy Jerusalem and emasculate its princes. 600 BC: Nebuchadnezzar, the Iraqi Sun-God-Dictator sends soldiers to burn down the likely 16 yo Daniel’s Jerusalem home. He is now likely a eunuch. Ouch. Who has more power; God, or the Iraqi and Iranian Sun-King-Tyrants?

How will Jesus the Sun-of-Righteousness conquer the pagan-sun? And more to the point, can Jesus overcome the disasters, disease, breakdown and strife raging across our planet today?

Explore the grand story with pics from James’ Berlin Museum trip featuring Iraqi and Iranian discoveries and the Bible live with Pr James at church tomorrow, or online with Pr James & Ken at home anytime after 10 pm tonight.

Bible Study
Join Ken and Annali as they explore what it might mean to see people as Jesus saw them


July 11 no streamed services


July 4 links :


When Jesus said he was the “water for life” what did He mean? And why should the words He spoke be linked with an opportunity for humans to experience eternity?

Join James and Ken, Country Pastors from West-Blue-Mountains Parish and explore what Jesus meant for your life, and see the ancient desert pure-water-spring at Ein-Gedi in Israel.

4,000 years ago at Ein-Gedi Abraham will battle invading Syrian and Iraqi forces. 3,000 years ago the young shepherd David will hide here to escape the bloodthirsty King Saul. A hundred years later an Ein-Gedi maiden will steal billionaire King Solomon’s heart with her henna blossoms. Then ancient Jordanian army will invade Israel, to be defeated by singing priests. Here, just two years ago – a parched pastor sweltering in the hot desert sun will quench his thirst.

Bible Study 

 Why do so many Christians feeling guilty because they don’t talk enough about Jesus to their friends? Can you be a Christian without Bible bashing your mates? If God is already present everywhere, then, Ken and Annali ask, “Why don’t Christians spend more time looking for where God is already markedly present and join Him there?”


June 27 links :


Roman soldiers crucify Jesus. Roman armies destroy Jerusalem. Roman dictators persecute Christians and vile Emperor Nero crucifies St Peter. But soon insurrection, corruption, taxation, famine and plague-virus tear apart the Empire itself. In the midst of battle strife – can God still forgive a war crime? Or is He a God of Vengeance?

When The Revelations second trumpet sounds it heralds Forgiveness from the Creator of the Universe – for any human who simply asks.

Hear Cybèle Coutet Craig sing “The Old Rugged Cross”, and explore Revelation 8 with pastors James and Ken. You will discover that if God can forgive a war-criminal, He can surely forgive you. It is not too late for you to ask.

Bible Study 

If the Bible reflects God desire for our best, then the benefits of study go far beyond merely acquiring knowledge. Reading the Word from the God over the Universe is a way of inviting Him to interact with us, mastering us, changing our lives and our way of thinking.

So how can you read the Bible with balance, to lead you towards a successful life with purpose? How can Bible study change your life for the better, today?


June 20 links :


Fire scorches the earth. Will God’s garden be destroyed? What happens when the first Trumpet blows? Have you even felt spiritually dry, or experienced the heat of despair after conflict? Jesus said He is the source for refreshing clear water to cool down the heat of conflict and turmoil. Jesus can renew your spiritual batteries and re-energise you for a new day. Open your Bible to Revelation 8 and join Pr James as we explore what happens when the St John Revelations first trumpet sounds.

 Bible Study
Join Ken and Annali as they demonstrate the tools you can use to understand challenging Bible passages.


June 13 links :

Church at home week 14.

King David sings “I will look the hills from where comes my help”. Whether they call it the soldiers Psalm or the travellers Psalm, it is a much loved Psalm. Imagine choirs of priests on Temple steps singing Psalms 121 two-thousand years ago.

You will hear Cybèle Coutet Craig singing her new song from Psalms 121, your kids will race outdoors to get some small leafy branches for the Kids Bible Craft, and, get your Bible ready to explore Psalms 121 with country pastor James at the West-Blue-Mountains Parish in NSW, Australia.

From today until eternity you will discover that God truly does love and care for you.

Bible Study 

The prophets had the primary role of keeping the people of God on track. Their writings have often been dangerously misused. Understand some of their key themes and expectations as well as some of the traps in understanding their writings as Ken and Annali explore their writings this week.



June 6 links :

Church at home week 13.

The St John Revelations will show you how.

Jesus finally cracks open all seven seals guarding the scroll’s hidden secrets. The saints and martyrs through the ages have cried out, praying desperate prayers; “Why do you let us die? Why won’t you punish our persecutors”. Now they stand in heaven. It is judgment day. The universe goes silent. Did God answer their prayers? Explore Revelation 8:2-5 and you will discover God’s claim that He answers prayers daily, all through history. Learn how 2,000-year-old daily worship duties of Jewish priests at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount Altar of Incense explain how God answers prayer.

Bible Study 

History lights up Bible stories with life, so you can see your way today.

Archaeology is the study of Bible time places, times and people. As you open the pages of history you will see God’s hand working behind and through and for the saints and sinners of the Bible times. You will understand more about His working in your life today. History will give also inform your imagination, allowing you credible insights and ‘aha’ moments as you explore the Bible stories. Imagine joining a tour group exploring ancient Bible lands from the comfort of your armchair! Ken and Annali share how you can join their virtual tour for free, every Saturday or Sunday afternoon. They also introduce you to the use of Google Earth for Bible history exploration, so you can explore on your own.



May 30 links :

Church at home week 12.

the seventh seal cracks open and God goes quiet. What happens next?
In Revelations 6 good people on earth shout out to God “How long is it before you do something? When will you pay back those who hurt us? Why won’t you save us? The Universe witnesses our spilt blood – we followed you – so there it is, under your heavenly altar. What are  you going to do about it?”
As the sixth seal cracks open we see those good folks standing in heaven! But has God answered their prayer yet?
Will God avenge His people? Is that what He is like? Finally – the seventh and last seal cracks open. Will God answer their question now?
Find your Bible and open it to the end, for the last book titled Revelation. Back a few pages to chapter 8 and verse number one. Silence.
You’ll discover that God’s amazing grace is for you! As the planet begins to break apart and life is distressed, God says to you — keep calm, be at peace — I have overcome the world already, and I am taking you home.
OUR PRAYER FOR YOU  May God bless you and keep you, and wherever you go, and whatever you do, may you know how much God Loves You.
And so God does. Love You :)!

Bible Study 

The Genesis stories of the first humans after creation, flood and the origin of nations show the frailty of human nature and fragility of life. How does God bring hope to seemingly impossible circumstances? Some disasters are caused by flawed people making mistakes, others by factors beyond human control.
Start at the beginning and continue to explore the first story of human-kind with Pr Ken Bird and daughter Annali Bird.  For whom, why, when and where was Genesis written? How can ‘these stories’ from ancient times give you hope despite the current chaos today?


May 23 links :

Church at home week 10

Bible Study

EXPLORE GENESIS stories about: A God, Creation, a Fall, Flood and First Nations. Who wrote them?

GENESIS is the first book in the Holy Bible. Is its story about Creation, the Fall, a global Flood and origin of Nations reliable? How does the Bible account compare with Egyptian, Babylonian, Australian Aboriginal, Indian and the many other ancient legends of a first time? Start at the beginning and explore the first story of human-kind with Pr Ken Bird and daughter Annali Bird.  For whom, why, when and where was Genesis written? What about ‘those stories’ from other ancient cultures? Can you trust the Bible? Explore Genesis in this Bible Study part 1


May 16 links :

Church at home week 9.

Watch on Youtube

Bible Study (view anytime)

Explore the Original Bible in Greek & Hebrew! 
even if you only speak English
Learn more about the Story of God with Ken and Annali Bird – a father and daughter who both have theology degrees. They will demonstrate how you can use Bible Hub. This free online program allows you to compare many versions, and even explore the Greek and Hebrew words of the Bible. Need help with grammar and the concepts you learned at school but forgot? Ken explains “I forgot my school grammar also – but a little help from Google taught me enough so I could understand the point the author was making”. WHY? Unlike modern writers, the Bible authors didn’t use punctuation, not much rhyme, and no paragraph breaks! They would instead repeat words, repeat thoughts AND they wrote in a different language. Ken and Annali explain how you can learn more about what they really tried to communicate.

Watch on YouTube


May 9 links :


Church at home week 8.


Will holy angels think you deserve the right to stand next to God in heaven? The Bible’s King David was a murderer, his great-grandma Rahab a prostitute and his descendant Manasseh abused a child – yet each will be in heaven! It is almost scandalous! But — would you want God to reveal the nastier details of your life on the Judgment Day in heaven?

Thankfully The Revelation’s Scroll is still sealed shut, and no-one can open the story of your life except Jesus, the divine Shepherd-Lamb.

Would you like to call heaven your home? You can!

GET A BIBLE READY Find your Bible and open it to the end, for the last book titled Revelation. Back a few pages to chapter 7 and you are prepared.

WHAT WILL YOU FIND You’ll discover that God’s rescue plan is for you! As the planet begins to break apart and life is distressed, God calls you home.

OUR PRAYER FOR YOU May God bless you and keep you, and wherever you go, and whatever you do, may you know how much God Loves You.

Kid’s craft resource

 Bible Study 

Listen and explore with Ken and Annali as they confront the Biblical text. What truth lies behind the stories of slavery, women’s rights, child abuse and other practises universally condemned today? How can you interpret the Bible? What is God really like?


May 2 links :


Church at home week 7.

Four guardian angels protect the earth, and the lost tribes of Israel are found and an innumerable group are praising God — what does this mean? When ancient Israel left God’s ways to worship idols, Assyrian armies attack, and scatter them around the earth. Lost to history, and far from God, they must have felt there was no hope. Yet, in the time of Jesus, 2,000 years ago, Jewish people longed for Messiah to return, and keep His promise to gather the lost tribes back! Revelation 7 exposes God’s real character of love – and clearly shows that you definitely can rely on Him to get you through this life and then to His home.


You’ll discover you can trust God for anything – even for His divine rescue at the end of your life — even if it is the end of the world.


May God bless you and keep you, and wherever you go, and whatever you do, may you know how much God Loves You.

Bible Study 

When you ask “WHY?” then you discover a key to unlock the original meaning of any actor’s intent. This is true for the Holy Bible also.

Join Ken and Annali to summarise the entire Bible in less than 60 minutes! You will discover when each Bible book was written, who wrote it and why it is included where it is (the Bible books are not listed in date order, nor a list of topics).


April 25 links :


Church at home week 6.

Divine Rescue from Global-Blockbuster Disaster? What Next? See Revelations Six Seals Break Open

Two more seals crack open. Is death the only rest from persecution? And who cares about a sign for the planet “The End Is Nigh”; when death lurks around every corner?


Famine, disease, war, the ravages of nature, violence — and finally a planet will break apart. Does God care? Is He the Darth Vader planet-nuking Villain from the dark -side? No! Revelation pictures Him as a gentle lamb, holding the scroll of our earth-story and longing for all to enjoy eternity.

It was Nero who feeds Christians to the lions, not The Revelation’s Lamb. It was medieval mayhem that inspired the Crusades and Christian-against-Christian wars, not Jesus. History shows the capacity for tyranny is present within almost all humans, with or without God.


Find your Bible and open it to the end, for the last book titled Revelation.  Back a few pages to chapter 6 and you are prepared.


You’ll discover you can trust God for anything – even for His divine rescue at the end of your life — even if it is the end of the world.


May God bless you and keep you, and wherever you go, and whatever you do, may you know how much God Loves You. 

Bible Study 

What is Theology? How can “Words About God” give you spiritual renewal?

Would you like to experience a life-changing paradigm shift or feel spiritual renewal? This often occurs when you see the balance and beauty of the Bible’s Big Picture. To grow spiritually, achieve life balance and experience heavenly insights requires a broader study – a deeper ‘theology’ How? You need to explore all that the Bible says about your particular topic of interest. . A person who simply uses a text here or there often merely reinforces an existing belief or bias.

Join Pr. Ken and Annali as they explain how ‘theology’ is a combination of the two ancient Greek words for “God” and “Word”. Ken and Annali demonstrate eSword, a free computer Bible that helps you more easily explore the all words about a specific topic. You will gain spiritual strengthen, a balanced outlook and wisdom.


April 18 links :


Church at home week 5.

Four seals crack open, and four horsemen hasten their galloping steeds to the ends of the earth. War, famine, untamed-nature and pandemic plagues threaten humanity. Will God’s people escape?
CURRENT TIMES OF TROUBLE How can you trust and rely on God in Corona-Virus times? What about the Black plague, Spanish flu and other historic pandemics? What about church in a time of Politics? Think about tyrannical emperors Nero, Caligula and Domitian 2,00 years ago. Nero feeds Christians to the lions. Caligula would make even Mardi-Gras lipstick blush. Domitian makes it illegal to worship God. Yet St John ministers to a thriving Turkish church parish district into his 90s – even while isolated on Patmos Prison. How?
Find your Bible and open it to the end, for the last book titled Revelation. Back a few pages to chapter 6 and you are prepared. WHAT WILL YOU FIND You’ll discover you can trust God for anything when you know what happens on earth as the seven seals of the hidden scroll are cracked open. OUR PRAYER FOR YOU May God bless you and keep you, and wherever you go, and whatever you do, may you know how much God Loves You. And so God does. Love You 🙂 

Bible Study 

How did Jesus use the Bible? How did He teach His followers? What parts of the Bible did Jesus quote the most? Join Ken and Annali in this study for 18/19 April 2020 and discover how to read the Bible like Jesus did.


Church at home week 4.

You will need some grape juice and bread to join us. (We used flatbread because that’s similar to what they used for communion 2,000 years ago in Jesus time but do the best you can). For church-at-home members & friends, and others beyond wherever they may be. “Wherever you are, and wherever you go, God Loves You.”

Bible Study 

Join Pastor Ken Bird and daughter Annali and investigate: “The Origin and Nature of the Bible” – the Sabbath Lesson for 11 April 2020. How was it written?  What happened to it between when it was written and now?  — Ken and Annali follow the Bible’s journey…


April 4 links :


Church at home week 3. Long ago The Scroll proved a king’s Divine Right to Rule. 2,600 year ago it was lost. Is Jesus worthy to be King? What secret does the Sealed Scroll hide? Explore Revelation 5 with Pr. James and Annali. Sing along with The Family Tree-O singers, and enjoy Susannah’s Bible Craft time. A Country Sermon for Sabbath 4 April 2020 produced by Lithgow, Oberon and Mudgee folks in the SNSW Conference. For church-at-home members & friends, and others beyond wherever they may be. “Wherever you are, and wherever you go, God Loves You.”

Bible Study 

Join Pastor Ken Bird and daughter Annali and investigate: “What Makes the Bible So Unique” – the Sabbath Lesson for 4 April 2020. How was it written? Did God dictate every word? Why should you trust it? What is the purpose of the Bible, and how should you read it? — Ken and Annali open the Bible with you so that you can see for yourself how the Bible answers these questions.


March 28 links :


Church at home week 2. There’s a Ray Jackson piano prelude and story, Oberon Ladies Trio with Marc Menzies and we introduce young Caleb with a first children’s time. (its a song this week, but we will grow and improve). We  finish Revelation chapter 4 with a slightly longer sermon time

Bible Study 

 Pr Ken, and Annali Bird will take us through Daniel 12 in Bible study time. Why do God’s people experience so much trouble for so long?  If you can’t understand God’s ways, can you still follow Him?


March 21 links:


Rein answers the question “is the Christian Hope like facing a lion as an ostrich, hiding your head to feel safe in the proverbial desert sands?”

Annali shares “Jesus famously rescues His disciples from sinking – He calms stormy waters – and He leaves them in the lake?”

Susan, Marc and Annali are singing — so click one of the links below and join us for church! (if you miss the start the videos will still be available afterwards)

And Shabbat Shalom! May you enjoy Sabbath Blessings and may the Peace from God rest in your heart today,

Join Pastors Rein and Ken as they explore Daniel chapter 11, the Sabbath Lesson for today. What is this long prophecy all about, and who are these Kings of North and South? Why are they so intent on destroying Jerusalem and its people?