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We worship together as a congregation every Saturday morning.

Live services continue today but with a difference. You will be asked to register your name, practise social distancing, and we will not be singing. It will be good to see you…

Our speaker today is Pr Rein Muhlberg

Today’s worship service begins at 10 am followed by a cuppa and Bible Study at 11.30. 


  As part of our contribution to containing the Covid-19 virus in the community, all face to face services were suspended and we will continue to offer a streamed Service and Bible Study each week …  See links below. 

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Shabbat Shalom! May you enjoy Sabbath Blessings and may the Peace from God rest in your heart 

February 27 links :

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Bible Study

February 27

Who is Jesus? In a single last-supper evening He is a servant to His disciples. He sees into their future, predicting one will betray him, and one deny him. Jesus can see arguments that will begin among his disciples: “Is it Peter?”, “No! it’s Judas”, “What about John?”. So Jesus tells them not to worry about the future, instead “love one another”.

This is Episode 15 in Working the Word: The Gospel of John Chapters 13-14.

Join Ken Bird and Annali Bird as they explore the stories that the disciple John tells about Jesus 2,000 years ago.

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Join Ken & Annali online to explore the Word together

 Working the Word

Discussion of the Lesson

Ken and Annali have been offering a Virtual Bible lands tour via Zoom. 

These will continue about once a month on a Sabbath afternoon. If you are interested, put your name down for an invitation to the next one


   We can also provide a DVD for people who have trouble accessing the links.